How to play 12 MiniBattles game?

Are you ready to be surprised by the stages that come with each press of the button? In this game full of surprises, you will double the fun with the two player mode!
Your goal is to score more than your opponent in the corresponding stages. You must reach the score determined before your opponent in different stages.
For example, if the boat stage comes, your goal is to collect 5 life-saving pretzels. Of course you should do it before your opponent. Your boat will constantly turn around itself. And you will start driving your boat by catching it.
You will understand better when you start playing the game. Let's not spoil the surprise by talking about other stages. Call a friend now and have fun!
Want to learn who uses hand eye coordination better? If yes, this game is for you!
  Good luck!


Player 1: A

Player 2: L

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