How to play 3D BILLIARD PIRAMID game?

A billiard game that you can play in 3D is with you! Those who are truly in love with billiards will not get bored playing this game. Moreover, they won't even understand how time passes! If you do not know the game of billiards, you can learn in this game!
You can either play against the computer or against your friend. One of you throws first and the game begins. You have to insert a striped or unlined ball through one of the holes. This will determine which balls you will play with. If you can't get a ball through the hole on the first shot, your friend will be in the queue.
But in this game, your balls will be numbered instead of being colored. You will have to choose the ball you want with each shot and throw it in the hole. It's up to you to turn this into an advantage. Likewise, if your opponent is good, this will be a really difficult game!
Which friend will you compete with in this challenge? Will you beat him? Come and show everyone how good you are in this game.
Have fun!



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