How to play 8 BALL POOL STARS 1 game?

How would you like to play billiards in this high-quality and competitive game? You will improve yourself and you will not get enough of fun in this game with levels.
When starting the game, you will make a test shot of how billiards is played. The game of billiards is played for two people and the players take turns shooting with cue. As soon as one of the striped and unlined balls enters the hole, the balls of the players are determined.
But this game is different from the billiards we know! There are levels in this game and each level has a different pool table. It is getting harder to play billiards on these tables and you can improve yourself. You have certain health in every game, and if you cannot put the balls in any of your shots, your health will decrease.
In the game, you should always be careful that you will shoot with the white ball and the last time you have to throw the black ball. Pass all levels and show off all your skills in pool night! Good luck.



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