How to play AFRICA JEEP RACE game?

You will be the leading role in a jeep race in Africa. Moreover, you will be able to compete with others in this race with your friend. Of course, you will also compete with each other!
There are levels in this game and you will start from the first track. The tracks will change and get harder. All tracks are easy for master drivers! So which one will it be for you?
You will all start the game with the start mark at the same time. You can use various obstacles to increase the distance to those left behind or to slow down those who are left behind. You will find these on the track.
You can spread the obstacle you overcome using your keyboard. This can be a wheel or gasoline. Gasoline cars slide and the wheel also damages cars.
Finish the race first using these obstacles and enjoy racing on other tracks. Good luck.


Player 1: Arrow keys and P

Player 2: WASD and T

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