How to play AIR FORCE FIGHT game?

Air force to work! Those who are confident in war and know war strategies will be very successful in this game! You can earn these achievements against the computer or a friend!
In two player mode, your friend's and your planes will be shown on a split screen. You will see the remaining number of shots from the panel that divides the screen. There is also a map that can be used by both players.
When you play against the computer, you can still play as one person or two people. In this mode, your goal is to cooperate and beat the computer. Let those who are confident play in both modes and show that they are a successful soldier!
In this war game you will play in the air, you should be careful about rockets as well as planes. You should also be careful about any obstacles you may get stuck in the air. Safe flights!


Player 1: WASD and G

Player 2: Arrow keys and L

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