How to play American Touchdown game?

Football fans even deeper love american football! You are faced with a game for you. In this game, you will beat your opponent and have fun! There will be lots of people watching you. Enter the field and play valiantly!
You can show your skills to your friend in this game that you can play for two. Try to catch the ball thrown from above using the keys you will play the game.
If your opponent caught it before you, try to take the ball away from him. When you take it, run towards your opponent's field. You will score in the places indicated in red on the opponent field. But this is not like football as we know it. You will use your hand instead of using your feet. You have to enter the opponent's red field with the ball you are holding. When you enter, you will be considered to have scored a goal.
Although it seems easy, keyboard control is very important in the game. Pay close attention, focus on the game and beat your opponent. So bury him in the field!
Good luck football fans!



Controls Player 1 controls:  A – move left  D – move right  W – throw ball

Player 2 input:  Left arrow – move left  Right arrow – move right  Up arrow – throw ball

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