Baby Hazel Harvest Festival


How to play Baby Hazel Harvest Festival game?

Baby Hazel is going on a brand new adventure! If you have witnessed the colorful world of Hazel, this game will excite you too! If you are meeting Hazel for the first time, you can have a lot of fun with this game!
Hazel is attending the Harvest festival and invites you to accompany her. Will you accept your invitation and join the festival? Baby Hazel wants to have fun with you in this festival!
There will be many places in the game where you can go and have fun. In these places you have to meet Hazel's demands and satisfy her! These places are: Pumpkin Palace, Hay Town and many other places! You too, wander around these places, make pumpkin faces with Hazel, play with straws.
Have fun.



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