How to play BABY SUPERMARKET game?

Baby panda in the supermarket! You have to help the baby panda who goes shopping with his mother! Next side is the list of what to buy. Choose the size of your basket and start shopping.
If you wish, proceed quickly to the aisles by pressing on what you will buy. If you wish, browse through the aisles and browse for other foods. You will see beautiful candies from each other! You can also get these if mom panda is convinced. There are green, red, yellow candies! All very sweet!
Mom panda wants to buy you a gift. Go to the toy section and take a look at the nice toy you will get. An animal will also be bought to take care of the baby panda! If you are wondering what happened, play our game! You will definitely love the animal you bought.
Have a nice shopping! Be a good baby and eat your candies!



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