How to play BABYSITTER DAY game?

Babysitting seems very stressful. But spending time with cute babies will make everyone very happy! Come and take care of a baby with this game.
Before you start, you have to choose the one you want to look after 4 babies. If he is sleepy, you should put him to sleep. You have to turn off its light and cover it. Someone is crying. I think your baby is hungry! Let's feed him.
This looks a bit like a voracious baby. It can be a little difficult to feed. This cute baby is so funny because he's always getting his mouth dirty!
Take him to the toy room for some fun too. We are sure that you will be very happy with a variety of toys! Every baby loves toys! There are even educational toys available. For example, he can learn to merge a plane!
Babysitters have a huge responsibility for you. Can you handle this?



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