Backgammonia - online backgammon game


How to play Backgammonia - online backgammon game ?

This is a backgammon game where you can spend your time very well. Those who know backgammon can also play this game with their friend. For those who do not know, let's explain this strategy board game.
The stones will be placed on the backgammon board automatically. You will roll both dice. You will move your stones as many as the number comes. All you have to do is collect all your gems on your side. For this, the opponent will block your way and prevent you. You should overcome them and collect your stones on your cat's side as soon as possible.
This board game is like chess and the white pieces start first. You can see who is in the turn from the left of the screen. You can also show where the stones you move in the game can come from the helper. There will be plenty of tips to make your job easier!
Good luck!



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