How to play BACTERIA FIGHTERS game?

You will go to war with bacteria! Put on your mask and gloves! Hygiene rules are very important in this adventure. Because the bacteria are at war!
There are two bacteria in the game, green and red. These bacteria also have lives. You can see them from both sides of the screen. As soon as a bacterium catches another bacterium, it will add strength and drain its power. Bacteria that run out of power will lose!
Do you think the strongest is red bacteria or green bacteria? The answer is hidden in you! Fight against your friend in this game for two and prove which one of you is strong!
What you have to do is touch the other bacteria, that is, catch it. Be careful while trying to catch it, don't be the hunt! Good luck!


Player 1:  left and right arrow keys

Player 2: A-D

Space-play again

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