How to play BALANCE WARS game?

Are you ready to face your friend in this armed struggle where night and day come in succession? Come talk to your friend with your guns in this game.
In the game, you will be on a platform above the sea. Your characters will face their weapons on the platform. You will shoot as soon as you are ready.
If you want, you can jump to avoid the opponent's shots. You can also move your character left and right to stay on the platform. Your aim is not to fall off the platform and to drop the opponent. Can you do this?
Use your weapons correctly with your buddy and always add a point to your score. You can see your scores on the right and left of the screen. You can also use special powers on the platform. Come and find out what these do!
Good luck and have fun.


Player 1- Jump: Space and Shoot: W

Player 2- Jump: Up arrow key and Shoot: L

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