How to play BASKET RANDOM game?

Where does this fun music come from? Here is from this basketball game! The music is literally playing for us to play this game! Let's see how it's played!
There are 4 characters in the game. But the game is for two. Everyone has someone under the rim in their team. And this man has another man in front of him. You will try to take the ball and throw a basket with the keys. It's very important to hit it and not miss the ball!
A score will be added to the scores on the right and left of the screen every time you shoot a basket. The color of the teams is red and blue. Choose your color and compete with your friend in this challenge! Try to win with fun moments!
If you noticed, the characters will change with every basket shot! The characters are not the only thing that changes! Where you match and your pitch also changes! If you are excited to see what happens in the other levels, this game is for you!
You can also play the game by one person. But the fun is enjoyed in two player mode!
Good luck and good matches basketball players!


Player 1: W

Player 2: Up arrow key

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