Battleship War Multiplayer


How to play Battleship War Multiplayer game?

Your heart will speed up while playing this game. Besides, you will have to be very careful. You have to act like a soldier in this game that will strain your brain.
As the head of the country, you received an attack from the other country. You have decided to respond. You told your ships to be ready. Now you will need to place your ships.
After placing, you must select the squares. These show where you will attack on your opponent's court. Find the weak points of the opponent field and win this battle as soon as possible.
Repel your opponent. You must be the ruler of the world. It's time to use your advanced weapon industry!
It is a game that you can play with your friend. It can also be played against the computer if you wish.
Stand tall and defeat the enemy! Return to the battlefield, soldiers! May the victory be yours!



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