Best Friends Adventure


How to play Best Friends Adventure?

Red Cube and Blue Cube are very close friends. They also fight a lot. Actually, it is not exactly a fight. I guess it would be better to say that there is always a sweet competition between them.

One day, Red Cube and Blue Cube decided to enter a challenging course. There was no one who could turn from this track yet! But very close friends who were determined to race were determined to go to this track.

We're going to help them too, right? We cannot leave them alone on such a difficult road! There will be many obstacles before us. We must protect them by helping them jump over these obstacles.

The longer we run, the more points we earn. At the top of the screen, there are leaderboards for Red Cube and Blue Cube. Come on, choose your side and get the closest friend, we have to continue to the Red Cube and Blue Cube next to it.

Let's start playing Best Friends Adventure game? Do not forget to share with us whoever scored the best!


Player 1: Up arrow key

Player 2: W

If you are playing on mobile device touch to screen

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