How to play BILLIARD 8 BALL game?

Billiards fans to this game! You are about to play a game that has a great interface. You can play this game against time or against a friend. If you are good enough, you will be successful in both modes!
This sports game consisting of two players is played with balls. Your balls are striped and the balls of the other person are without stripes. This may be the other way around. You will play the game with the help of a cue. You have to be careful not to commit fouls. With 3 fouls, your game will end. Ball number 8 is always the ball to be targeted last.
You will move other balls using the white ball in the game. The first starter will move the balls arranged in a triangle, and it will be determined who will belong to the striped and non-striped balls.
Come and show who is the winner of this game! Have fun!



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