How to play Boat Challenge ? 

You will have a lot of fun playing Boat Challenge, which is a very fast and exciting game. You have to use the boat very carefully because the controls are so precise. The logic of the game is just like Subway Surf. If you like playing subway surf, I'm sure you'll love our Boat Challenge. 

It's a little different than boat challenge-like games. Obstacles are lifelines and islands. And you have the right to hit twice. So every time you hit it, your score doesn't reset. So if you get stuck in an obstacle, don't give up now and keep playing! 
The scoring system is quite different, so as long as you're playing, your score doesn't go up. The more you score, the more you score. So it will be very difficult to score high in this game. This will escalate the rivalry between you and your friends. 

Don't forget to share your highest score with us in Boat Challenge! 

In order to focus better, you must not mute the game! 
With boat challenge, where you and your friends can compete and play, the times you have to spend at home because of the corona virus will be more fun. 


If you're playing from a computer, use the W, A, S, D 
If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen 


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