How to play BOAT RACE DELUXE game?

How about a ship race where you can play with a single button? In this game, you will compete with yourself while fighting against your opponent.
There are certain levels in the game and you will start from the first level. A road has been opened in the sea and designed to drive your ship along this road! The road is full of various flowers. So you will both race and watch the scenery.
Your goal in the game is to follow the arrow going up and down in front of your ship and adjust this arrow according to your course. As soon as the arrow hits your path, you have to hold it down to adjust the speed of your ship. You will start the race at the same time as your opponent and the one who reaches the first finish will be the winner.
To be victorious in this game, you have to follow the arrow very carefully and make correct maneuvers. Sometimes it will not work to maximize your speed all the time.
Good luck and have fun.



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