How to play BOW MASTER ONLINE game?

You are about to play a game that you can play in two player or multiplayer! Background music will make you more excited!
Your aim is to protect yourself and defeat the opponent. So how do you do that? We will tell the details. Better get ready for battle before you tell. You will need preparation! You have been trained as a soldier until today. Now is the time to show it off!
Each of you has a certain duration. If you do not shoot in time, the turn will go to the opposite side.
You are archers in this game. Using your arrows, you will adjust the angle and speed and shoot. Keep in mind the angle and speed! You will need it.
You will see your characters' lives at the top of the screen. When this life runs out, you will lose the game.
Can you win this war? Do you trust yourself? Come and show it!
Good luck, archers!



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