How to play BUNNY BALLOONY game?

What are these cute bunnies doing? They dance But when you win! So what do they have to do to make them dance?
These rabbits have a gum in their mouth. They're trying to inflate this gum and grow it into the middle cactus. Because the thorns of the cactus will blow their gum! The first to burst the gum is considered the winner.
Before starting the game, you should know that you can play this game with a friend. Do you have a friend who likes to chew gum? This game is for you!
With this mode that can double the fun, your friend can also have fun by blowing gum. Which rabbit's breath is stronger? Red or blue?
It is in your hands to determine this, of course! Inflating faster wins the game and can watch his bunny dance! This will be a lot of fun!
Good luck!


Player 1: Enter

Player 2: Space

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