How to play Burger Challenge ?

Are you ready for this big challenge? You've seen a lot of challenge videos before. You also played your games. Have you ever taken part in a challenge of who gets more hamburgers before? Even if you say no, don't be sad! Because now you will participate in a big challenge!

There will be 8 hamburgers in one long on a rotating table! From this table, you have to buy and eat the most burgers each turn. The game continues until one of the opponents gets 5 points. Come on are you ready to win?

Moreover, you can play this game with your favorite friend or sibling. The competition will increase even more when our game is for 2 in one. Will which of you be able to eat more hamburgers? Do not forget to share with us how many burgers you eat the most!

Do not forget to share who won the game!


 If you're playing on the computer
 Player 1: W
 Player 2: Up Arrow
 If you are playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking the screen

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