How to play BURNIN RUBBER 5 XS game?

Isn't the cover of the game very cool? Or are you a car lover too? Even more so speedy? This game is for you. Surely you are faced with a game that is easier than driving in real life. I can already feel your excitement! When you start the game, you will see 'tracks'. You can play them in turn. Start with the first one to warm up. After choosing the route, it's time to get in the car Whether your car is small or big? Or is it a modified and cool car? At the beginning you have few options but as you progress in the game you can unlock other unique cars! Get rid of the dust on the tracks with these cars! After the car it's time to fire! Choose the fire and make your car the coolest! Take out the other cars with your fire as you start the race. You will come across many currencies and alternatives on the way. Collect them! Avoid the fire of other vehicles! Try to finish the race first! Good luck!



Use the Arrow keys to drive your car.

Press Z and X to fire your weapons.

Hold Shift to drift.

You can also use the W, A, S, D keys to drive.

Use the left and right mouse buttons to fire.

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