How to play Capture the Chickens games.

Ariel lost his chickens from the farm where he lives and now our hero has decided to go in search of them. In Capture The Chickens, you will help him on this incredible adventure. On the way, Ariel will encounter various types of enemy traps and obstacles. You'll see scattered apples and other useful items everywhere. Once you find a chicken, use your magic wand to transfer it to your inventory. try to catch as many chickens as possible and earn points for it. Try to find out who the terrible monster was that caused all this and bring your chickens back to your home.Good Luck.


Profil 1: Hareket: Ok Zıplama: Z veya Ok Yakalama Tavuklar: X Vur: Uzay (mevcut olduğunda) Profil 2: Hareket et / zıpla: WASD Tavukları Yakala: J Vur: K (mevcut olduğunda) Mobil Kullanım Dokunmatik Düğmeleri

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