How to play Carrom 2 Player game?

Carrom is a game similar to the billiard game. You can play the carrom game, which is a board game, with two people. Your aim is to put the stones on the board into the holes.
The next player will have a big white stone. He will be able to drag this stone wherever he wants on the board. When he wants to shoot, he will pull the stone towards himself and adjust its speed.
If your own stone gets into the holes, you're fouled. This game that you will play in turn is that simple. Complete the game in a fun and exciting way. The scores of the players will be displayed on the left and right of the screen. Black stones and white stones have different scores.
Solve the logic of the game and defeat your friend as soon as possible! In order to heat things up, you must determine your angle and speed very well. These will be your strategy.
Show how good you are at board games! Defeat your friend and win the game. Good luck and have fun.



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