How to play Castle Defense games

Play this epic tower defense game. Develop your castles into massive fortresses! 40+ map levels with four different themes and various types of magical skills with awesome powers to take out the monsters! It will keep you playing for hours.

Key Features

★ Epic strategy/defense game free that keeps you playing for hours! ★ Unique playstyle that combines the tower placement and troop command! ★ 4 types of defense towers and troops with various upgradable options! ★ 5 types of magical skills with awesome powers to drown out the monsters! ★ 40+ map levels with four different themes: forest, desert, ice, and fantasy world! ★ More than 12 types of monsters with their own skills will put you to the real test! ★ Beautiful landscapes and animations! ★ One of the best strategy/defense games free on the market!

Instruction Objective

  - Don't let enemies attack the castle. - Build defenders along the road to kill enemies and get E-point. Defender types: - Alchemist house: Continuously generates E-points over time. - Tower: Cannon Tower only attacks ground enemies. Lightning Tower will attack both the ground and air enemies. - Trooper: Swordsman and Wizard can block the road and prevent enemies coming to the castle.

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