How to play Chicken Egg Challenge game?

You are facing a very great game! You can play this game with three people. Even that is enough to make the game fun! Get your friends and play the game!
Your chicken is sitting on a board. There is a bowl under it. Your goal is to spawn the chicken with the keys to play the game! On the right of the screen is your time. You will choose this time before you start the game. Before the time is up, you need to see 10 eggs in the basket.
If you are playing single person, you have to produce 10 eggs in the time you choose. The logic of the game is simpler if you are playing with your friends! The first to reach 10 eggs wins the game! Who do you think can ovulate the most and fastest?
If you're curious, start the game. Surprise your friends with your speed!
Have fun chickens!


Player 1: J

Player 2 : W and Up arrow key

Playe 3: J,W and up arrow key

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