Are you ready for a great Christmas vacation? You can do this by playing this game with a christmas song playing in the background.
There will be many balloons waiting to be exploded in the game. The more you explode, the higher your score will be. The red balloons are what you need to watch out for!
If you pop these balloons three times, your game will be over. You will not be able to increase your score any more. At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see how many of the balloons you have made.
The Christmas trees and Christmas gifts you see in the background of the game will warm you up. Are you ready to pop these various balloons during your Christmas holiday? Of course, paying attention to the red balloons!
The other thing to watch out for is the orange balloon. Actually, the orange bubble has nothing special, but it looks a lot like the red ones! That's why you should be very careful while playing the game. Good luck!


Mouse click

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