How to play CHRISTMAS LINES game?

You are about to play a great strategy game that you can play on your Christmas vacation! Santa Claus has chosen this game for you to play in the 2020 christmas. You have to be really smart and careful in this game. Otherwise you cannot play!
The game is played on a board. Many Christmas items such as Christmas bells, Christmas teapots, and Christmas trees are on the cards. All you have to do is bring 5 of any images side by side. Of course it has to be the same.
The same 5 side by side objects will explode and free up space on your board. But for any non-explosive moves, a few more Christmas items will be added to your board. This is the best christmas game ever!
If your whole board is filled with images of christmas trees, christmas candies and snow, you will lose. You can see how long you've been playing from the right of the screen. This time Santa will really challenge you!
Keep your mind open for this awesome Christmas game! Merry Christmas!



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