How to play CHRISTMAS PONG game?

How would you like to play Christmas table hockey? Santa might be angry with the kids when he saw this, but instead of the ball we used a miniature of Santa Claus! Santa will forgive us for being kind hearted!
Whether you play alone or with a friend. You have to defend your own castles, and the tool to defend is candy! You will use the sweet or sweet Christmas candy to keep your miniature santa from touching your castle.
Every time it touches your side, the opponent will win a score. You have to use the Space key to move the miniature. When you press this button the real fun will begin! You must use the other keys on the keyboard and beat your opponent!
The Christmas song in the background is designed for you to have a great time on your Christmas holidays! Merry Christmas guys!


To start game: Space

Player 1: WS

Player 2: Up and down arrow key

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