How to play CHRISTMAS RUSH game?

You've never seen Santa Claus like this! Waiting for his time, santa claus will accompany you in this game to spend some time. I'm sure this will be a lot of fun! Get in the game for this exciting journey as soon as possible.
Santa Claus is dressed in Christmas clothes and goes on an adventure on a snowy road. He must overcome obstacles on his way to get the Christmas gifts for his bag! Can you help him? Who will get the highest score?
You will see logs, rocks and more interestingly live snowmen on the way! Will this scare you or will you go on your way expertly? Come and show it off!
You will spend your time in a nice and fun way with this great game that you can play in the 2020 Christmas holiday. Come and accompany Santa on this adventure now!
Merry Christmas!


Up and down arrow key

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