Are you ready to go fishing with Santa this Christmas? In Christmas 2020, Santa wants to embark on new adventures and his mind comes to fishing. Can you help him?
After this decision, Santa goes to sea. Of course, he doesn't forget his hat. As soon as you throw the fishing rod, you will try to catch many Christmas cookies. There are many things in the sea other than cookies. Come and see what happened!
The cookies you pulled will return to you as money. With these you can buy what you see at the bottom of the screen. For example a bigger bucket! So you can collect more stuff.
You are the one who will direct the fishing line right and left after the fishing line is thrown. In this way, you will try to catch the most cookies or gift wraps.
Sometimes a lot of money can come out of the Christmas gifts in the sea. Go exploring this sea with Santa and have fun at its peak!
Merry Christmas!



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