How to play Circular Racer?

You continue on a certain track in this racing game. 2 vehicles continue in opposite directions on this track. You can also go into his lane. It can cross your lane in the other vehicle. I wonder how many times you can get to the finish line without the collision. The game will get faster as you complete each round. As the game accelerates, the probability of confronting the opponent in the opposite lane will increase. That's why you have to play very carefully. As long as you play carefully, you can get very high scores.

Let's see, don't forget to share your high score with us!

You can also play the circular racer game with your best friend. Thus, the competition between you will increase considerably. Let's see which one of you has stronger reflexes? Or which one of you has better driving ability?

You have speed indicators at the top. Let's see who will be the fastest going? You can see how many minutes you have been racing on the track in the middle. There are many vehicles in the Circular Racer game. Choose your favorite color vehicle and let's start playing this beautiful game?

Let me give you a little hint. When you play with your best friend or sibling, you can suddenly change lanes and cause you to confuse and crash. So you will win the game!


If you're playing from a computer, use the arrow keys
If you want to change vehicles you have to press the space key
If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen

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