How to play CITY CAR STUNT 3 game?

You are faced with the third version of this legendary game. You'll triple the fun with this enhanced and improved version! It has also become more dazzling and realistic.
Your goal in the game is to complete 6 different routes before the time runs out. If you want, you can drive the car without racing to learn and get used to the game. Choose your car. In this mode, you will try to reach the target board that you encounter. You will feel like you are driving the car with its 3D features!
If you wish, you can play this game with a 2 player option with a friend!
Start the game with your friend and try to finish the track before him. Good luck in the race where this excitement is at its peak because you will need it on this challenging track. Start at the first level and move on to other levels by completing the race first.
Some cars are unlocked. You must make progress in the race to unlock this lock. Good luck drivers!



Player 1 Move: ARROW KEYS Nitro: Look Back:B"

Player 2 Move: W,A,S,D Nitro: T Look Back: C Level Restart: R

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