How to play City Car Stunt 4 game?

Are you ready to go on an adventure with your friend and choose the car you want in the city? In this game you will race your speed with your friend and the good one will win this race!
There are two modes in the game and these are free and racing modes. In free mode, you will be able to drive your car in any area you want in the city, on the mountain, on the main road, on the side roads. Your goal will be to collect the diamonds in the game. At the bottom left you will have your map and by looking at it you can see where your diamonds are.
Show everyone that you are such a good driver that you can collect all the diamonds in free mode! You can also play the free mode with your friend.
You can also play two people in racing mode. You and your friend must race the cars you want and reach the finish line first. Be careful not to get out of the way because this will slow you down.
It's time to show your friend who is the winner of this track! Good luck!


Player 1: Arrow keys, Nitro-N, Look back- B

Player 2: WASD, Nitro-T, Look back-R

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