Children! Clara needs some operations. That's why it came to you. Only you can make it beautiful. He trusts you very much!
First, you will do the aesthetic operations. Cut and unroll the bandages on your face. My God! How did it end up like this? Can you fix it?
There is a lot of decay in his teeth. You should pull out the decayed teeth. Then you have to place new teeth here. After cleaning your teeth, you should brush well.
After cleaning his tongue, you can get on his face. You will apply a cream on your face and wait a bit. You can see your face glow!
It's time for the dress code. You should choose the most beautiful clothes from each other. You should also choose their shoes and jewelry.
Once you've created a great outfit, the game will be over! You can see your masterpiece in front of you. You have to be attentive to customers to make your name more heard!
Have fun!



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