How to play COLORING AND LEARN game?

This is a great game for boys and girls! Your child will develop their visual and auditory intelligence in this game full of various activities. This educational game is the most fun game!
For example, if you choose the train option, your child will try to repair the train track. So it will play the more fun of puzzle! The roads that the train passes are missing. Your child should get the right piece in the right place. Otherwise, the train will not be able to continue!
If you choose the square painting activity, your child will try to make the picture shown on the right in his own area. Learning by imitation is the best way to learn!
In the small cute monster option, your child's knowledge of location will improve. With this great game, your child will spend their time learning and having fun.
Come and discover with your child what is in the other options! Have fun!




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