How to play Connect A Dot game?

As kids, we all loved puzzle, merge and puzzle games. Now you are faced with a merge game among them. I hope you are good with the fish!
Are the fishes? Yes sure too. Moreover, not only fish. All sea creatures! And they are all more adorable than the other!
When you start the game, you will encounter numbers that you do not know what to do. But those who know merge games will easily combine it. When all the numbers are combined in order, these cute sea creatures will appear!
I think you will love them! You can finish this easy and sweet game in minutes! Moreover, this is not just for kids! We think adults will love this game too. Be quiet or your kids will compete with you for this game and laugh at you!
Finish faster than him and everyone else. We know you can't wait to meet the sea creatures! Just start the game!



Use your mouse or your finger.


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