How to play CORONAVIRUS FIGHT game?

You are faced with a great game that can be played while sitting in our homes due to the corona pandemic. In this way, you will be one of the doctors.
Your aim is to learn the instructions on the page shown at the beginning of the game! Because with these you will be able to fight against viruses.
The game is played in multiplayer mode. On the bottom left you can see how many people are playing this game with you. Viruses will come towards you through 5 pipes and you will stop them.
You can do this as health images fill on the left. You must send them against the viruses coming from each pipe as they fill. If you are not strong enough, viruses will continue to slide down the pipe. But if you are strong enough, you will repel viruses.
Do you trust yourself with the doctor! Can you save people from the pandemic in this tough war? Come and apply your training!
Good luck because you will need this.



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