How to play CUBE CITY WARS game?

Are you ready to embark on a two-person adventure in a city composed entirely of cubes? You will have a lot of fun with your friend and fight each other in this platform game. You will compete with both enemies and each other.
You have vehicles, houses and trees in this arena. Your goal in the game is to kill your enemies. These enemies will flock to the arena constantly. You will try to kill them with the weapons you have. If you want, you can get into the vehicle or teleport a short distance.
In order to make it easier in the game, some super powers will parachute. These powers will increase the strength of your weapon. You can shoot beams with these weapons or you can shoot with three bullets at the same time.
The enemy you killed will leave you a star as it dies. Increase your score by collecting these stars. Good luck.


Player 1: WASD, Fire: Space, Dash: E, Get in car: TAB

Player 2: Arrow keys, Fire: L, Dash: K, Get in car: O

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