How to play Cube Mania ?

Cube mania is a rearranged version of the classic mahjong game with more cute foods. To play this game, you need to destroy the top-ranked food in groups of three. We can line up the food on the wooden shelf right down there. If the field on the board is a dollar, we can't get past that part. That's why you have to do the pairings before the shelf's full. So when you're playing cube mania, first evaluate which triple food you can put together and then send it to the shelf. Or you'll lose the shelf dollar and division. 
Don't forget to share with us what level you've reached before the shelves are full! 
You can compete with your friends! Let's see which one of you is going to go higher.
Mahjong you know it's a very old game, i'm sure you'll love Cube Mania in its refurbished form. 
And if you have a hard time, you can get help with your diamonds. There are 3 different clues. If you can't find a match in this round, we can use a certain amount of diamonds and find an automatic match for you! Or we could mix the whole game up. You can mix all the incoming blocks from top to bottom and find new pairings. We'll give you 50 diamonds for free. And when you run out of these diamonds, you can earn a lot of diamonds by watching commercials. 


Click on the screen with Mouse
If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen 

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