How to play CUBE THE RUNNERS game?

The most important thing in this game, which you can play with your friend or alone, is to be fast! With your speed and attention, you will cross this track and have your name written in golden letters on the game!
4 arenas will appear where you can play and you can choose whatever you want. Two of them will be desert and snowy platform. Come and discover the others for yourself!
After choosing one of these arenas with varying difficulty, you will choose your characters. These characters are all different and cute! Choose the one that suits you best and start racing now!
The track will be a long and endless road. In this way, you will be able to overcome all obstacles with the press of a button. Sometimes you will have to jump and sometimes turn left and right on the track. The key you press will take care of them all!
Good luck and have fun.


Player 1: F

Player 2: K

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