How to play D CAR RACING game?

Anyone who loves cars will love this game too! The nitros, boosters and missiles you will use to speed up will make you love this game!
Moreover, you can play this game with your friend. Choose your cars before you get started.
As you get used to this game that seems difficult at the beginning, you will win on the track. Collect objects on your way and use them to slow the cars behind you even further. This is a track and everything is allowed here!
If your friend is behind, it's that easy to drive him crazy!
There are several levels in the game. You will start from the first level.
When you start the race, you will be able to see which place you are on the right of the screen. This information is also available at the bottom of the screen.
Drive your last gas car to be first! Be fast and watch out for the obstacles on the road.
Good luck!


Player 1: Arrow Keys

Player 2: WASD and T

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