Darkmaster and Lightmaiden


Darkmaster and Lightmaiden is a game of darkness and the power of light. They both have to help each other. Even if they're opposites, they can't level up unless they help. You're going to need help playing this game! So don't forget to take your brother or friend with you! So you can have a good time together and have fun!

Let's see if it's dark or light to win.

Decide which side you're on and let's start playing.

You can't go anywhere on the map. If lightmaiden passes through the dark water, he dies. Darkmaster dies if he passes through the bright water. So don't forget to jump in these areas. On platforms, you'll have to help each other to get up.  You will gain level when you enter the dark and bright doors on both sides above.

There are too many levels in the game! Let's see how harmonious you and your best friend are going to be. Let's get started don't forget to share your scores with us


If you're playing from a computer, use the arrow keys

Space for Change man

E for action 
If you're playing from a phone or tablet, you can play by clicking on the screen 

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