How to play Darts Pro Multiplayer game?

Who likes darts? This game is wonderfully designed for those who love darts! Moreover, you can play against the computer, against your friend or in multiplayer!
Your arrows will go right and left at the bottom of the screen. The arrow will stop at your first click. When you press and hold you will adjust the speed of the arrow. You will see the score you got in the place that hits the dartboard. At the bottom right of the screen, how many points you have is written.
When you play with a friend, competition will become involved and the game will become more fun. This dart game is the best among all darts games ever!
In multiplayer mode, you set a nick for yourself and join all other darts players. Your opponent is chosen and you start the game!
In multiplayer mode, you will be racing against the whole world. Who will be able to pass this tour? Are you ready for the competition? Heat things up.
Good luck and have fun!



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