How to play Dead Fight game?

You will also be able to choose how many people to match in this two or single player mode. You will play a death match in this legend game. You will approach the opponent and kill him. You will have nowhere to escape!
The teams are red and blue. You can choose which one you want.
If you choose the 2 player 3vs3 mode, your teams will be 3 players each. These will help you win. They will kill your opponents and come to your aid. This could be a huge chance.
The game is a single match. The winner wins the game. You can play again. In the lower corners of the screen, it is written which key does what. Thanks to these, you can play more easily.
What are you still waiting for? Who do not want to see stronger? Come and fight. Choose the winner of this match.
Good luck!


RED TEAM Move: AWD Switch Character: TAB Hack Computer: CTRL Attack: SPACEBAR

BLUE TEAM Move: ARROW KEYS Switch Character: + Attack: NUM0 Hack Computer: NUM1

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