How to play DEFEAT THE MONSTER game?

You will chill as the game loads! We guarantee this. You will start to release adrenaline with its exciting music! Get started without waiting any longer!
To start, the game will show you what to press. If you don't hit it in time, the beast will attack you! As you progress, you will encounter other monsters. They are so scary!
As the game progresses, you will have to fight the monsters on your own. Because the game will not help you. So don't forget which monster you can kill with which tool! Or you will feed them!
You are right to be afraid. But if you don't kill them right now, they will continue to roam! By being brave, prevent other people from being afraid of them!
Can you do that? Do you trust yourself? Are you brave? So don't stop and kill the monsters in the game! We think they need you!


Mouse or touch.

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