How to play DEFEAT YOUR FRIEND game?

There are 6 games in this game that you can play with your friend. Yes, you didn't hear it wrong. You will be able to play a total of 6 games in one game. Let's see what these games are.
You will play 'dots and boxes' in the first game. The aim of this game is to place the colors in order on a board with several colorless columns. Both of you will be yellow, and the line you print on will be yellow. If 3 circles of a square are yellow and you have placed the last yellow, that square will turn into your color. This way, paint the entire board yellow and find out who won!
Our second game is 'pong'. This is like the pong games we know. Your colors are red and blue. You have to move your boards so that the ball doesn't touch you. Otherwise you will lose this game!
Other games are 'memory', 'math wars', 'tic tac toe' and 'hi-low'. Play these games by discovering for yourself. You will not understand how time passed. Good luck.



Player 1: Up and down arrow keys

Player 2: WD

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