How to play DINO SQUAD ADVENTURE game?

We bet you've never seen the collaboration of the world's most predators! In this game, you will witness dinosaurs cooperate with each other and pass all levels.
Your goal in the game is to overcome the obstacles and complete the level and the game in this game which has various levels and platforms. In the game, dinosaurs that are stronger than you will appear and they will aim to kill you. You can get rid of them by pressing them twice before they kill you!
There will be golds to collect in the game. You will be able to see how many you need to collect in a level from the top of the screen. At the same time, each dinosaur has 3 lives. These liveries decrease when you get stuck in obstacles. To increase these, you need to eat the meat on the platform. One meat means one life!
Use your shooting features in this game for two players and overcome the obstacles you encounter. The most important of these obstacles will be boxes. You will shoot the boxes and destroy them.
Good luck.


Player 1: Move: WASD, Kill: F, Switch caracter: Q

Player 2: Move: Arrow keys, Kill: K, Switch caracter: U

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