How to play DONUT SLAM DUNK game?

Get ready for a fun adventure with donuts! You will be hungry when you see donuts in this adventure! Let's see how this game that requires attention and strategy is played.
In the game, you will see a donut hanging from the ceiling with a rope. As soon as you press this donut, the donut will drop down. Your aim is to hit the donut in the box below which a hand is holding. Can you do this?
The location of the box will always change, but the donuts will always swing the same. You have to adjust the angle well. Sometimes donuts can hit the walls and not hit the box! There are some things you can do to prevent these bad luck.
The first is to place a hopper where the box is. So low donuts will not cause you to lose the game. The other is to buy magnets! Both of these will help you keep improving your score.
Good luck and have fun.



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