How to play DR PANDA AIRPORT game?

Welcome to Dr. Panda's airport! Here you will help some cute animals to make their flight. This will be the airport procedure as we know it!
You will control the suitcases of this cute elephant, panda and two other animals. For this, you have to pass them one by one through the xray device. But in order to reach these stages, some documents have to be signed first! Check and stamp all their documents!
You will direct each of these stages, and dr. Panda will do. Both of you help each other and help these cute animals in their flight!
Some animals may not be able to get through the xray! Stop them and check again. Have him put the metal items on it in the box!
Then you must take these animals to the gate where they will pass for flight. Come and see for yourself what you will do in the other stages!
Have fun.



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